About Nassau-e


Nassau-e is a convenient way to access a variety of informational and educational online resources and services provided by Nassau's public libraries.

Most of the resources and services presented on Nassau-e are not available for free on the Internet. Libraries subscribe to them and make them available to their cardholders without charge.

Download an audio book or an e-book, research a term paper, spruce up your résumé, or get help with your homework through Nassau-e.

Ask questions at any hour. Nassau-e allows you to speak with a librarian online even when your library is closed. Our Live Librarian service lets you chat with a real librarian any time, any day.

Search for information about anything in the e search box and get results from both books and articles. There is no longer a need to search each resource separately.

Library Info provides a list of all of the public libraries in Nassau with contact information and directions as well as a links to their web sites.

Una descripción sitio en español está disponible aquí.

To use most of the services and resources on this site you will need a library card from a public library in Nassau. If you don’t have a card or do not know what library you should go to get one, click here.

Give Nassau-e a try. Be sure to check back often since we will continue to expand our offerings.

Please let us know what you think about Nassau-e and the resources you can access using this site. We’d love to get your feedback on how we can improve this site and our offerings. Please e-mail us at comments@nassaulibrary.org.



Nassau-e does not capture and store any personal information about individuals who access this website, except where users voluntarily choose to submit such data by using an electronic form. Personal data voluntarily provided by Nassau-e users is used exclusively for providing the user with requested information.

Nassau-e maintains administrative information such as webpage usage records for statistical and administrative purposes only. No individual data or information about transactions will be given to third parties except in response to a judicial process, warrant, or other such court order issued in conformance with applicable state and federal law.



Thanks Senator Marcellino

This Nassau-e website was developed with funds from a grant from New York State Senator Carl Marcellino.