Identify Your Home Library

You need a library card from a public library in Nassau County to use many of the online services available via this web site. Library cards must be obtained in person from one's home library. Your home library may not be obvious based on your mailing address.

In Nassau most public libraries serve a specific school district; a few serve a particular village; a couple serve a legislatively-defined area which is neither a municipality nor a school district.

The drop-down lists below should be used to identify your home library. For best results, check them in the following order: (1) Villages; (2) Special Areas; (3) School Districts. If you live within the boundaries of one of the villages listed, select it to get your home library. Only check the special areas list if you do not live within one of the villages listed. Only check the school district list if you do not live in one of the villages or special areas listed.


School Districts Served by Libraries (A-L)

Special Areas

School Districts Served by Libraries (M-Z)

If after checking all these lists you are unsure about your home library, contact us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please Note

Approximately 5,000 of the more than 1.3 million people who live in Nassau County are not currently served by a local public library. They do not pay local property taxes in support of public library service. If you live in an area* which does not support a library you will not be able to access most of the online services included on this web site. However you are eligible for a State Mandated Access Card. To learn more about this special card and what it entitles you to Click Here.

* Areas not supporting local public libraries are: Bellerose Village; Bellerose Terrace; Floral Park Centre; the part of the Village of Old Westbury located in the East Williston School District; a small area between the Village of Hempstead and West Hempstead (which is in the Hempstead School District); and former Brookville School District # 3 (which is comprised of the parts of 5 villages - Matinecock, Muttontown, Upper Brookville, Old Brookville & Brookville - that are located in the Locust Valley School District).