State Mandated Access Cards

State Mandated Access Cards allow individuals who live in areas in Nassau County that do not currently support local public library service to borrow materials from the member libraries of the Nassau Library System. These cards are an interim accommodation while mechanisms can be put into place so that all Nassau County residents are able to contribute their fair share of tax support for public libraries.

Cards are issued for the Nassau Library System by the East Meadow and the Levittown Public Libraries - the Co- Central Libraries of the System. In order to apply for a card, you must go in person to either of these two libraries.

You will need to provide proof of your identity and residency in one of the untaxed-for-library-services areas in Nassau County. You will also be asked to indicate the school district in which you reside.

Please be sure to bring one of the following original forms of identification with you when you go to the East Meadow or Levittown Public Libraries to register. To be acceptable, an ID must include your name and current address.

  • NYS Photo Drivers License or Permit
  • NYS Non-Driver Photo ID
  • NYS Motor Vehicle Registration
  • Property Tax Bill
  • Lease, Rental Agreement or Mortgage Papers
  • Voter Registration Card
  • Bank Statement
  • School ID Cards
  • Other Bills

If you have a disability that makes it difficult for you to go in person, contact the Nassau Library System, Office of Outreach Services at 292-8920, extension 236.

Please Be Aware of the Following Limitations

Because the State will not allow a fee to be charged for these cards and because the individuals issued these cards are not currently taxed for local library service, the State has approved some limitations on their use. (If excessive use by non- residents can be documented, a library does not have to honor State Mandated Access Cards.)

Libraries with a high volume of use by individuals who reside outside of their taxing areas are not required to loan recently acquired books or audiovisual materials (videos, CD's, books-on-cassette, etc.) to non-residents.

Libraries may also give preference to their own local cardholders for the onsite use of computers and library program attendance.

Materials may not be reserved with these cards. Interlibrary loans are available to State Mandated Access Cardholders via the Levittown Library only.

The member libraries of the Nassau Library System are autonomous and each establishes its own policies and procedures. The use of State Mandated Access Cards is subject to the rules and regulations of each library at which they are presented.